Student in Library


Standard Chinese and German

Teaching since 2011.
Teaching languages has always been part of my up-bringing since I grew up among different cultures and later I studied other languages. Knowing how to speak the other person's language opens doors.


English, Brazilian Portuguese

Teaching since 2016. 
I started in 2016, because I didn't have much contact with the English language, and teaching was a way of learning. The biggest motivation is to continue learning, because no matter how much you teach, the teacher is the one who learns the most, because teaching forces us to always be studying and updating. It is a constant development.



Standard Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, English

Teaching since 1998.
I started as a teenager. I used to study with classmates and they said that I translated everything into an easier language. My professional life as a teacher started in 1998 when I got a job as a language monitor at the university where I studied. I followed a trajectory in which studying and teaching languages always were the main driver.


German and Brazilian Portuguese

Teaching since 2009.
I started teaching when I was still at university. I had foreign friends who wanted to learn Portuguese and I started looking for materials and got interested in different teaching methods. My biggest motivation is the exchange that always exists between student and teacher, because to me this is a very enriching and a never ending learning process.



Spanish and English

Teaching since 2009.

I started teaching English in public and private schools in 2009. In 2016 I expanded by teaching Spanish to Brazilians in São Paulo. Languages are my hobby.