Sao Paulo Travel Tips

When travelling to Sao Paulo for a few weeks we've got some ideas for you to truly insert yourself into the culture while still doing some tourism.


Great places and things in SP


  • Ibirapuera Park (São Paulo’s first big public park, you can rent a bike, inside the park there are many museums and activities)

  • Avenida Paulista (it is interesting because of its architecture styles and many cultural centers)

  • Estação da Luz (oldest train station, very beautiful, but take care: it is in the old center region and poverty is bigger there, so there is a higher risk of being stolen your cellphone or other items of value)

  • Terraço Itália (this is a great sport to have a look on top of São Paulo and there is also a restaurant for those who would like to try it)

  • Mercado Municipal (this is a touristic highlight. Here you can buy fruits and vegetables and other specialties. Again, take care of your belongings)

  • CEASA (that is a huge wholesale market where all the supermarkets and restaurants buy, it shows a more honest version of Brazil’s food and sales)

  • Feira da Mourato Coelho (small local market, Saturdays 7am - 1pm)

  • Praça Por do Sol (sunset square, here you can see the sunset with friends and have a great view over the greenery of nearby neighborhoods, best 5.30pm)

  • Pico do Jaraguá, a very popular peak in the east from where you can see the nature and the city

  • Liberdade (formerly a Japanese neighborhood but with many Chinese stores and restaurants nowadays)

  • Bixiga (Italian neighborhood, traditional small houses)

  • Parque Villa Lobos (another great park, here you can rent a bike or enjoy your afternoon. I recommend taking a blanked and listen to the compositions of the famous Villa Lobos below the trees)

  • Jardim Botânico (Our botanical garden)

  • JK Iguatemi, (great shopping center, you can eat on terrasse)


  • Instituto Moreira Salles (specialized on photography and film)

  • MASP (traditional collection)

  • Tomie Ohtake (international and national contemporary)

  • Pinacoteca (traditional Brazilian collection and modern to contemporary exhibitions)

  • SESC Pompeia (interesting building and cultural center)

  • Beco de Batman (famous graffiti in an alley)

  • Galeria A7ma (alternative and street art)

Food, Restaurants & Music

  • A Queijaria (São Paulo’s best cheese store)

  • Eataly (international food store with restaurants and terrasse)

  • Skye Bar (bar and restaurant with lovely view. Go around sunset time)

  • Mocotó da Esquina (beside the famoso Mocotó, still you need to come 30 min earlier and stand in line)

  • O do borogodo, Samba, especially on Saturdays they start earlier, around 16h with their famous Brazilian Feijoada and Samba. (Pinheiros, Vila Mada, near Cemetery)

  • CHI, best modern Chinese restaurant in Vila Madalena with great atmosphere

  • Morena Leite’s “Santinho”, the nicest one is at the Museu da Casa Brasileira. You should come around 11.45h máximum to get a table. During the week the buffet costs somewhat about R$ 50 per person, but almost R$ 80 at the weekend.

  • Consulado Mineiro, Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite. You can order Rabada. Here you can eat Brazilian food from Minas Gerais. Heavy but tasty food.

Great places and things near SP

  • São Sebastião (beach, waterfalls and lighter walking tours)

  • Zulai temple in Embu (Chinese Buddhist temple, very calm, shows Brazil’s diversity

  • Embu das Artes (native american productions, great artisan market and church museum)

  • Cunha and it’s ceramics (4h drive)

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