Contemporary Education

By Bianca Otávio

Education is what drives WorldTribe, and to provide quality in education to our students we also organize internal webinars, where only members of our team may participate. Our last webinar in this regard took place with our teacher Társila Lemos Borges, who has been a Chinese teacher for over eight years.

Társila addressed the circumstances of contemporary Education, presenting facts such as the changes technology has caused to lives of students and teachers, questioning the positive and negative effects of such transitions in the lives of both. She mentioned the importance of emotional intelligence, a theme unfortunately neglected in the academic world, and also talked about the role of marketing for educational institutions.

The meeting took approximately one hour, during which Társila presented the changes that education has been facing in recent years, the pressure that teachers and other employees are going through when trying to meet all the goals outlined by institutions, which on the other hand depend a lot on marketing campaigns that promise results more and more distant from reality. In consequence what usually is implied is a lesser focus on education. Also does the digital change in schools unfortunately not come with psychological and emotional training for the teacher and the student. Both are simply left alone when adapting to the new circumstances. Not so though at WorldTribe, where we emphasize the open dialogue and the sharing of digital materials and methods.

All topics covered generate one question that leads to plenty of discussions: What is needed to ensure quality education in this increasingly technological world? How to prepare our teachers so that they are truly able to prepare their students, future professionals of the next generation? Fortunately this discussion does not stop there. Társila & Kristina offer a teacher training via Webcam to teach you new tools but also to coach you through the emotional changes you are facing.

Our teacher training can be booked by institutions and individuals. Simply contact us to find out more!

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