Bruno's Homework: Shintoism

Bruno studies English with us at a B2 level. Here is his article on Shintoism.

Shintoism is not considered being a religion, but more a kind of traditional Japanese ancestral practice to honor nature, the spirit of your ancestors and to consider that everything has a soul, an essence: humans beings, animals and everything existing in nature (food, minerals, air, water...).

The Shintoism practices celebrate the “Kami” (divine being ) that exists in everything and it is dated back to before Hinduism, Buddhism or Taoism which gave some its principles to these religions mentioned. Nowadays, is estimated that Shintoism have close to 120 000 followers in Japan, but it’s hard to have exact numbers because any person who practices any kind of Shintoist rituals is considered as a Shintoist.

Another interesting thing, is that the Japanese relate Shintoism to life, and carry out a baptism for children and on the other side, they also practice death rituals normally happening in Buddhist ceremonies. Some people in other countries around the word practice Shintoism in small community sanctuaries.

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