Interactive on-line Language Courses

In our globalized world knowing languages and local culture can be a door opener. Therefore we cover some of the most interesting language courses at WT Education. Choose among:

New York City


In this course our international trainers will teach you about how to improve your general, academic or business English. Find out more!


Learn regular German to communicate on a daily basis, learn business German or improve your academic German. Click here to request more details.

Boy Eating Pretzel
Rainy Day


Our Standard Chinese (Mandarin) courses teach you all the Chinese you want and need for your trips to or longer stay in China.  Request a language level evaluation.


Learn Spanish with our dear colleagues from South America and get a comfortable development space within a speaking focused structure. Yes! I want this!

Mexican Food


Speak French like the French! One of the most beautiful languages still is important in the art and tourism industries. We adapt our courses to your professional needs! Get in touch!


Brazil is more than good football! Learn Brazilian Portuguese with an accent from Sao Paulo (the accent used in national news broadcasts). Sound right!

Christ the Redeemer
Pula Amphitheater Croatia


Highly skilled Croatian teachers will help you to enter the logic of this charming slavic language. A focused preparation for the citizenship test is possible. Just contact us!

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