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WorldTribe Languages

WorldTribe Education represents the foundations of WorldTribe. Its prior sister-business “Conectando O Mundo” was located in Brazil (2011 - 2019). And that's where we started. 

Kristina began as a private teacher in 2011 and developed an online-teaching method by 2013. In 2015 she started expanding and collaborated with other professionals to attend an ever-growing market. 

WT Languages offers you the acquisition of world languages, such as Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English, besides offering language training in Croatian, Ukrainian, Japanese and other languages of cultural

or political importance. 

WT therefore organizes online courses for groups and individual training for all businesses who need to upheave their executive personnel and prepare them for international undertakings.  WT Education adapts its strategy according to the requirements established by the client.

Preparing to work with other cultures not only requires a knowledge of their languages but also a knowledge of subtle cultures differences. Our teachers always insert elements of intercultural awareness into their teachings, but what if you need more than that or do not have the time for extensive language classes? Ask us about our intercultural courses and learn about Chinese Guanxi, American directness, German subtleties & more. We adapt each training to your business’s regional needs and goals.